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Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Watch Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (2020) Full Movie Streaming

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm tell story about "14 years after making a film about his journey across the USA, Borat risks life and limb when he returns to the United States with his young daughter, and reveals more about the culture, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the political elections..".

Cast : Sacha Baron Cohen, Maria Bakalova, Tom Hanks, Mike Pence, Rudolph Giuliani, Judith Dim Evans, Dani Popescu, Manuel Vieru, Miroslav Tolj, Alin Popa, Ion Gheorghe, Nicolae Gheorghe, Marcela Codrea, Luca Nelu, Nicoleta Ciobanu

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  • Runtime : 96 minutes (1' 36")
  • Genre : Comedy
  • Production : Amazon Studios Four by Two Films Oak Springs Productions
  • Release : October 23, 2020
  • Countries : United States of America
  • Languages : български език

User Reviews

  • Mark B

    6 day ago - I'm generally not a comedy guy. I did see the first Borat and found it to be a hodge-podge of prank sketches with some very funny gags. Sacha Baron Cohan's follow-up improves over the original with a more story-based approach that still upends the '-isms" in America (racism, sexism, etc.) in the midst of a freaking pandemic. It couldn't be more well-timed in this brutal election season. The standout is Borat's 15 year old daughter played by Maria Bakalova (she's actually 24) who steals the show with her cluelessness and likeability. How well you enjoy this movie will depend on your own level of political ideology and tolerance to very crude and crass behavior. Personally, I found it hilarious. But it is definitely not for everybody.

  • r96sk

    2 day ago - These films are way better than they have any right to be - entirely thanks to Sacha Baron Cohen. I enjoyed 'Borat Subsequent Moviefilm' more than its predecessor from 2006, which relied too heavily on shock sex humour for my liking - though I did still like it all in all. This sequel is a little more creative with its jokes, whilst still having the necessary silliness and cringe. Cohen is excellent as he reprises the role of Borat. He made me laugh a number of times, any other actor in this role simply wouldn't be funny - he somehow makes it work expertly, his perfect delivery being crucial. In the first film, Cohen had Ken Davitian alongside him. Davitian doesn't return which is a shame, but he isn't missed to be honest. Maria Bakalova steps in very well, I feared her Tutar character was going to be irritating but she's anything but - Bakalova holds her own alongside Cohen. It's amusing, in ways that are indeed funny but also in ways that you know you shouldn't be laughing at - though that's critical to these films working. It also has the same Punk'd feel that the original production has. Good satire.